If you're looking for the best results for your company, meet the Management Development Program (MDP)

We believe that, through the implementation of the MDP, the results become the reality, because the methodology aligns all resources to fit what the company wants to be

With the MDP, you take over effective charge of your business, leading it to your goals and reducing external impact. It's like "taking the paddles and beating the waves"


Based on theories tested field, with researches like Kaplan, Northon and Arnoldo Hax, we enabled companies and managers in a high performance management model. We leave a legacy of management knowledge everywhere we pass.

What do we do?

MDP - Management Development Program: The enabling of companies, businessmen and managers under the strategy perspective as their management model

Situational Leadership - Leader development program, that enables managers and businessmen in an mathemetical model of leadership. Everyone can be a leader!

Small Enterprises

With the goal of taking the best management practices, from big corporations, to an increase in the performance of small enterprises, Estrategistas developed a management development program specific for this branch of business. With a free initial diagnose, our team of small enterprise consultors offers the entrepreneur a customized solution, in the area of management identified on the diagnose. A quick solution, that adapt to your needs.

Composed of young professionals, specialists in the management area essential for your company and coordinated by a senior consultor, this team offers a perspective known for being ahead of its time, innovative and compromised with results.


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Our job is not an office job, it's providing result for the companies, in the companies. Sometimes we can't answer the phone, but you just need to fill in the form, that one of our consultors will answer as soon as possible.


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